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August 23, 2019
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August 27, 2019

We are delighted that you are reading this and we hope you would like to contribute your fine pictures and beautiful texts.
On our blog a page we created to help our customers or those who want to become our customers.
We are so proud to be able to do this together with you, and to give you the opportunity to be seen and attract customers to you.

We have been building our brand for ten years and have been helpful in every way
when photographers new and old,
made photo books and created other products.

I, Magnus often sit and work in our office helping photographers,
but I want to do more!
We want pictures from photographs and texts that we can upload on our pages to
help you to be visible and to spread knowledge about products you can sell.
On the page, we have created guidelines for how we want you photographers to deliver pictures and text material.
Don't take it so literally the important thing is that YOU sends us material!


Join in and contribute to the site

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