Album? more and more
July 29, 2019
Fotograf Elin
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August 2, 2019
Album? more and more
July 29, 2019
Fotograf Elin
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August 2, 2019

  SmartAlbum 2019
Faster. More powerful. Still smart.

SmartAlbum has always worked to make album design simple and fun.
SmartAlbums 2019 comes with a host of new features inspired by us, photographers.
It is the software that many photographers love, in new version.

From today until August 6, 2019, SmartAlbum will offer big discounts
to both new and current customers to celebrate their new version:

1. 25% off SA 2019 and All-Apps bundle plans.
2. 40% off SA 2019 and All-Apps for those who already have SA 2 lifetime license.
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  1. First, I’d like to sincerely thank you for being a SmartAlbums customer. It is because of your support that we were able to develop and release our latest upgrade, SmartAlbums 2019.

    With our new subscription-based pricing model, I am aware there has been some confusion regarding SmartAlbums upgrades. I hope to provide some clarity below:

    1. Upgrading to SmartAlbums 2019 is entirely optional. If you choose not to upgrade, you can continue using SmartAlbums 1 & 2. Support and maintenance for SmartAlbums 2 will continue through at least the next macOS (10.15), so at the very minimum you can continue using it for another 1.5 years. 

    2. As a SmartAlbums 1 or 2 license owner, you can upgrade at any time in the future and receive 40% off your first year. The sale offered this week is an additional 25% off for a total of 55% savings. You can view SmartAlbums upgrade pricing here. 

    3. “Lifetime license” means “you keep it forever”; a lifetime license does not come with lifetime technical support. This is standard with non-subscription software licenses. 

    4. Cloud Proofing Pay-Per-Album option will continue to work with SmartAlbums 2, as will Cloud Proofing 6 & 12 month plans.

    5. Subscription-based pricing model will allow us to offer consistent improvements to SmartAlbums on a more regular basis. A SmartAlbums 2019 subscription includes software, all future upgrades, and technical support at no extra cost. 

    I hope this clarifies any areas of confusion or misunderstanding. We are truly honored to have you as a customer and are grateful for the opportunity to serve you. Our goal is to provide value to you and your business and we intend to be there for you as long as you’ll have us.

    Daniel Usenko Pixellu Co-Founder and CEO

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