Albumworks a new design software

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October 8, 2020
Deadline – 2020 – 20 November
October 19, 2020

Fundy Software’s AlbumWorks - A Powerful and Affordable Album Design Platform.

Fundy Software announced a new platform, offering a low-cost online album design and design sharing service, AlbumWorks.
Based on their ground-breaking Auto Design and Drop Zone technologies,
AlbumWorks is a powerful web-based album design software compatible with over 150 album companies and labs
worldwide. Priced at just $100/year with free flip-book sharing included, it’s one
of the cheaper options out there, but with the control and ease we would expect from Fundy Software.
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“In these tough times, we wanted to share our patented technologies with more photographers, making it easier for them to generate revenue without a major investment or learning curve.” Jonathan Main, CEO Fundy Software!

Albumworks a new design software

For less than $10 a month, AlbumWorks allows photographers to literally take their images and create stunning, unique albums in seconds with its Auto Design feature. Then, using the Drop Zone technology built-in, photographers can easily adjust to fit their style; dropping in different photos with one click, swapping spread layouts automatically, scaling single images or groups by grabbing the edge and dragging while the balance of the images auto-adjust to fit the layout and page. One-click flipbook sharing with clients for approval couldn’t be easier. !

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Affordable, flexible pricing lets you do it all. To learn more about AlbumWorks and get started with the free trial, click here. To save 30% off your first year of AlbumWorks, use the code AWHOTONE at checkout. page for you as a photographer !

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To save 30% on your first year of AlbumWorks, use the code AWHOTONE at checkout!
A new album design program has seen the light of day – AlbumWorks from Fundy.
Do not forget it is now free to join

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