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0046-706-972299 If you Texting : we will contact as soon as we can.

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contact us through facebook / Messenger, to call works really well now.

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The safest and fastest way, then we are abroad now and then. We have a close contact with the producer.


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Here we are, and named Magnus Extremaalbum Norberg.

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Drop me a line if you want:

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To make contact has never been easier than now, or cheaper, Recently we talked to people overseas through Facebook's Messenger, as well as protamine with the neighbor over the fence.
With Magnus are you talking Swedish or English, all communications with the lab managed by Izabela. It is she who makes the whole machinery to function optimally.
This page we have responsibility for and to give a little more and deeper information.
Order Page, is owned by the lab.
In the lab work is in two shifts, and 6 days a week the number of employees varies depending on the season. because we prioritize the delivery time.

We have a couple of years working with

From 2016 we will also make it profitable to be
We will also start up something we call
Host and Hostess.
then we will visit, and show and demonstrate products,
ordering procedure and program.

On the order page you can find promotions and news..