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Photographic paper in use

Fuji's "Velvet" - a new matte paper.
We are delighted to be one of the few professional laboratories now offer Fuji's new C Type matte paper - with zero reflection!
If you want a matte, then is Fuji's "Velvet" for you. This paper has a wonderfully creamy texture, which is perfect for the bright "thin" color images.
If you have pictures in black and white or with very black we recommend Fuji DPII Lustre / matt.
Velvet surface comprises a fingerprint protective layer which allows the handling of images easier.
A special characteristic of the surface of the Velvet paper so it can shed light remarkably well even under high light conditions,
so that light reflection is kept to a minimum. The advantages of paper, whiteness, long-term image stability and precise color reproduction
Fuji DPII Silk.
Fuji DPII Lustre / matt.
Beautiful natural skin tones,, Lustre is the most popular choice of portrait and wedding photographers.
Although the intense colors are a bit dull, does the uneven surface of the paper allows the prints can be touched with bare hands without fear of fingerprints.
Although the surface eventually becomes stained, the output may easily be dried with a lint free cloth and polished to perfection.
Fuji DPII Silk.
Paper with a special structure with feeling of the surface of linen and silk.
Thanks to very good color rendition and damage resistance is perfect for wedding photos, especially in photo albums. Because of the surface are the intense colors dulled somewhat, but retaining its unique, exclusive character. The prints can be touched with bare hands, and passed around without the fear of fingerprints.
Although the prints will eventually be spotted, can be an easily wiped clean with a lint-free cloth and polished to perfection.
DPII Glossy.
An accurate reproduction of color and the beautiful rich blacks means that prints on Gloss stand out from the others' presentations and perfect for your portfolio.
Fingerprints can be gently removed with a lint free cloth, but caution is required.
Fuji DPII (Metallic) Pearl.
A visually very appealing paper,, consisting of a special layer composed of metal oxide particles.
Embedded pearl-like crystals give this paper a specular reflection, especially in the highlights.
This means you can see a change in reflectivity as you move around the printing
which impresses spectators the most. Especially recommended for pastel colors and black and white photography.
Fine Art on Youtube.
We demonstrate the fine art photo books for you to get an idea of the thickness of the pages and the surface.
Munken Polar Rough.
The coated and robust yet smooth surface combined with the distinctive bright white tone of
Munken Polar Rough highlights images in a clear and precise manner. 170gr.
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Hahnemühle Photo Rag®.
Hahnemühle Fine Art, Inc. is a paper made in Germany.
The world's leading producer of coated paper for inkjet printing
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Tintoretto Gesso.
A high-quality uncoated Italian paper with an off-white shade and hammer-effect surface.
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This album is done on a 130 gsm paper a paper with high opasitit. A German quality paper. Fauna is a high quality paper,
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Sidornas tjocklek.
Studio Line is available only with pages that are about 03 mm
Standard available with 0.6 / 0.9 / 1.2 and 2 mm thick pages depending on the book size.
Fineart have the following thicknesses
Hahnemühle 1.2 / Tinteretto 0.9 / Munken 0.7 / Fauna 0.6mm
Allbumen with passeparouter available with black or white pp. you must use our templates.