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Order guide

When you order a photo book, first select
what kind you should have Standard, Studio Line, Fineart or Matted albums.
Then from the collection Trendy, Galant, Photography, Metal, Plexiglass, Wood, flach ...
Next choice will be what kind of materials you should have on the outside. Leather. Leatherette, Linen / Canvas ....
What color do you want?
The size of the photo book is certainly determined already when you made your design.
(When the lab have printed all spreads and fold them in half with the picture side introverted, Photo they are added with a core between each back.)
Your choice now is to choose the thickness of the core. place the mouse pointer on? character
and you'll see what thickness you can get.
(you should have a Fineart or StudioLine do not you do this choice.)
The core may be white or black.
want to, you can brighten the page edges finishing of album blocks.
The next choice is the choice we have most miss on the number of lookups.
Graphic processing yes it is you are a customer in this case.
Order Studioline / film
BOrder Standard book / film

The color of the inside of the album cover, select white or black.
Then comes paper choices a little awkward maybe, but, you should have a standard select Fuji about Lustre / Matt they make 75% of our customers.
Should there be a StudioLine? Choose Fuji about Lustre it makes 99.9%.
Have you thought Fineart then there is a fantastic paper called Hahanemüle, Photo and a Swedish paper, The Monk who share first place.
With Hahanemüle you can have 30 spreads with Monk, you have 50.
(Select the paper first and then skip up and select number lookup!)
Text on the front makes a PDF in natural size whether you should have laser engraving or a stamp
write on the order page that you have uploaded it on the server, do not forget it.
Are you ready to order?
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