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First-time customers can order a standard photo book with 30% discount, it is not marked in any way.
- This discount does not apply at the Studio Line, or Fine art Albums.

We also have studio sample of 3 standard photo books, and cases per year,
code is: PHEV2012 when you used it 3 times we blocked it.
On the page you can find all the information your customer needs and you can view the different materials and models.
This is the page you are viewing when you talk to your customer.
or you may get your customers from this page, chek so you are on the page.
In 2016 we will start up the opportunity to be Affiliate and get 3% discount per order.
download our Photoever logo and plasera it on your contact page and link to

Then type "affiliate" in the box for the discount code when ordering.
The discount applies only if the code is entered, and we can see Photoever logo on your side..
The ambassadorship is a role it takes, to be passionate about something genuint- not a role you get.
What you get from us is discounts and benefits and also an opportunity to influence the products and a presentation on
the side directed towards the photographer's customers.
There will be a limit to how many ambasadörer we take in every year so it is important to be a good Ambassador so we can bring in more gradually.
It can be about inviting your customers and kolegor who you meet online or face to face. If you do that, then you can also call yourself Photoever Ambassador!
Shall we succeed in this, and will be many, we must all help each other.
download our Photoever logo and plasera it on your contact page and link to

Then type "Your personal code" in the box for the discount code when ordering.
The discount applies only if the code is entered, and we can see The Photoever logo on your side..
Sometimes we are asked to come and view products and software, you want to be, host - Hostess?
If we become at least 6.7 photographers, we will be happy to visit if the calendar allows us.
As a thank you, we give all participants a unique discount code that applies to a month.
Let us know and we will agree on when, where and how.

The books construction -
Depending on several factors, the album's get a price.
Do not forget to figure out your time and costs.
* What kolektion
* Materials on the covers
* format.
* The color of the sides' core
*The thickness of the core
* The number of spreds
* Paper quality
* Different supplements

The minimum price -
5 is the smallest possible number of spreads in an book.
The most common size for a wedding album is 25x25 cm or 30x30 cm
with standard thickness of the cores in white.
The number of pages of a wedding album varies among our customers between 15-30.
And a great majority choose the mat paper.

Extras spreads -

The price difference between 5 and 6 spreads the cost of extra spread
based on the price and your extra time to design, you can find your price.

Studio line -
Our album Studio Line has certain limitations and advantages.
The restrictions are of models and materials for covers
We have made this album for you that shoot in the studio should have
a price friendly alternative to your customers.
The price is a limitation to the us for we can not offer discounts on those albums.

These albums are made exactly the same accuracy as any other
and also has no bar code.

What tax you should have on your photo book 25 or 6%?
If you are ordering from eu or from Norway 0%

When is 6% VAT rate:
About the photo assignment is paid separately and the customer after ordering a photo book so it shall be covered by the 6% VAT rate

When does the 0% VAT rate? - We charge no VAT on some products to countries in the EU and Norway.


Here are some price examples from our customers, with about 20 spread -

Digital album: 20x20: from 3100 to 5200 kr / 25x25: from 3250 to 5400 Kr
/ 30x30 3400 - 5600 kr ...

Studio Line: 20x20: 1900-3200 SEK / 25x25 2100-3400 Kr
/ 30x30: 2400 to 3600 Kr

Extra spread 245 kr