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We do everything for every unique photo book should maintain the highest possible quality.


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How can we help you?

We are here for you, do not hesitate if you need help or advice.

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It is only photographers with companies, who can order.


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Welcome to Extremaalbum!

We deliver Coffee-table books to all of Scandinavia +.
Coffee-table books are photo books or Lay Flat books,
handmade photo books with no joints when open.
All our books are bookbound and made to last for generations.
We have delivered Photoever photo books to photographers since 2008.
Private individuals only become the owner of these photo books through a photographer.

We have different kinds of photo books
Photo books are available in many different models and materials / colors check with us which models are currently trending.
Studio Line is a photo book that have "soft side".
Standard , is the most common choice.
Fine Art , for people who want to remember with all the senses.
And "Album" with passeparouter as before but with the 2000 century technology.


We are growing thanks to you, which gives us greater ability to help you grow.

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