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send files

When you are done with your design of your book, you should deliver them in 300dpi and as JPG you can deliver Adobe RGB but almost all choose sRGB, they get a little "softer" images.
Have you designed with Zalamo you can go directly to "order in lab,"
your design is taken to our order page.

When you have a text on the front, laser or stamp make a PDF! Make the full size 25x25cm example, a standard size is 2cm in capital letter.
Write in the comment box what the file name,
that it is on the server and the text position.
Program, proofing


Pydio is an FTP software that is synchronized with our order page, you have the same login

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FTP / Filezilla

With the help of FTP software you deliver your files to us Filezilla is just one of among many.

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When you want text on the front of your book make a PDF, and upload it to the server.

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