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Album Proofing

Or Cloud Proofing, which is a function that lets you send an album for approval directly to the customer in a web link. When your client opens the link on their computer or tablet, they see a beautiful album presentation and

the possibility of leaving feedback through comment feature. The comments appear comfortable for you and make it possible for you to easily review the feedback from the client and complete the requested changes.

Zalamo proofing

The price for proofing are included in the design of photo books at Zalando.
First 5 free, and a $ 3,
Photo presale 30st $ 2.5 pc,
presale 50pcs $ 2 pcs.
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One year free Cloud Proofing included with your purchase of Pixellu Smart Albums 2.
After the first year, the Cloud Proofing an optional subscription for $ 199 / year or $ 19 / month.

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Fundy proofing

30-day free trial then.
Per month 15 $ , six months $ 79, Full Year $ 129

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