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Price comparison

We have a price comparison, tre program which we gladly can recommend, each has its advantages.
It's mostly a matter of like.
SmartAlbums2 and Fundy are soon both Mac and Pc while Zalamo is web-based, today the situation is Zalamo the only program
which is linked directly to us, which means no the process of sending suggestions to our server.
all programs provide opportunities to save in the .jpg or .psd.
We are located by default in all three so you do not think about the sizes of when open.
More about the programs. Try today .
Zalamo - Fotobookdesign / proofing.
Price for 25 photo books on an annual basis.

Zalamo $ 3 25 photo books $ 75 - 590 SEK / year
Proofing $ 0

The presale $ 2.5 30 photobooks $ 75 - 590 SEK / year
Profing $ 0

suport through the program and us.
5 First the designs with free proofing.

SmartAlbums - Fotobookdesign / proofing.

Smart Albums $ 299 approximately 2350 SEK *
proofing $ 199 approximately 1560 SEK / year

Price for a year 3910 Sec BA (2350 SEK Profin included in 2015)
following year profing 1560 Sec
try the design program free 30 days

Fundy - Fotobookdesign / proofing.
Funny $ 279.65 2200 SEK
proofing $ 129 1015 SEK / year
following year profing 1015 Sec

for Mac and Pc
suport through the queuing system on their website
try the design program for free 30 days.

More about the programs. Try today.
Learn about the programs opportunities with proofing